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Simplified purchasing for commercial organisations: Sizes: small, large and XL enterprise customers. Yearly subscription model for 50 Design Thinking Templates with your company logo.
Now available in English, French, Italian and German.


<49 employees; 499 CHF p.a. 

50-499 employees; 2.900 CHF p.a.

500-5000 employees; 4.900 CHF p.a.

>5000 employees; 7.400 CHF p.a.

Corporate License for 50 Templates (English |German | French | Italian))

  • The templates are provided as PDF files. If desired, in the respective Corporate ID with company logo. After receipt of payment, the templates will be created and sent via e-mail. The license for use is one year after sending the templates. The subscription is automatically renewed after one year. Cancellation 4 weeks before expiration. 

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